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Señor Rio’s Anejo is aged patiently for two years in French oak barrels that previously housed Cognac, enhancing its distinguished elegance and aroma from the wood casks.

Revealing a semi-heated finish which lingers and allows your palate to savor the full body and intense flavors. Referred to as the “Cognac of Tequilas.”

“Full body and intense flavor, yet smooth with a long buttery finish similar to Scotch or Cognac.”



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Excellent Anejo

“We have spent significantly more for bottles of Tequila as we are collectors of different brands and styles. This is an excellent Tequila and given the price point it is a steal. This was recommended by the staff person who purchases Tequila. Lots of complex flavors and not an oak after taste.”

Denver, CO

Very Mild Great Taste

“Drink mostly bourbons and ryes. Very surprised with smoothness and flavor.”

Charleston, SC

Julio Fan

“Wow. It tastes better than it looks. On par with Julio , this opens up a new door . Excellent. Sweet, mellow and balanced . Absolutely adding to bar.”


Cool Bottle

“I been wanting to taste this Tequila for a year and I finally did and it's one of my favorites now!”


“What's not to love?! Better than 'name brands' and MUCH more reasonably priced - really. The whole Senor Rio line is top notch quality."

Tempe, AZ


Drop The Mic!
The story behind Senor Rio is intimate and family oriented. It feels right to support this brand as a local specialty. Total Wine found a good one when they chose this tequila as a Spirit Direct. AND Senor Rio makes trying new cocktails something we are proud to serve!! Senor Rio doesn't disappoint ;)”

Scottsdale, AZ

Good Sipping Anejo Tequila.

“One of my favorite sipping Anejo Tequilas.”

Los Angeles, CA

Good Tequila

“This my third or fourth bottle. It’s smooth and has a great taste.”

Costa Rica

All Around Great Sipping Tequila

“I’m a big fan of Gand Mayan ultra anejo and this tequila was very similar. Great oak notes and smooth finish. One great sipping tequila!"

Temecula, CA

Great Crafted Tequila

“I recently bought Señor Rio Anjeo, having previously tried the Reposado version. I was not disappointed . . . just the right amount of caramel and smoke on the palate, finishing smoothly.”

Phoenix, AZ

Great Sipping Tequila

“Learned about this Tequila in the Total Wine Tequila class in Jensen Beach Florida. Gave this as a gift and everyone enjoyed it. Very smooth.”

Stuart, FL

Quality In A Bottle

“This was one smooth and quality tequila! I would recommend this to anyone looking for a tequila that does not require a chaser.”

Seattle, WA

Excellent Choices

“I actually tasted this Tequila as a sample and decided to buy a bottle. It was so good, I bought a bottle for a friend's birthday.”

Severn, MD

Superb Anejo

“Enjoyed this Anejo Senor Rio with immediate sweetness of vanilla and caramel probably due to aging in Cognac barrels, then the pleasant warmth of Tequila. Hello old dear friend where have you been?”

Phoenix, AZ

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