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Can you believe that school is about to start in a few weeks? Where did the Summer go? Did anyone do anything fun and exciting this summer?

There is a lot going on to build the Señor Rio brand including:

  • Debbie has been traveling a lot introducing Señor Rio Tequila to new markets in California, New Mexico, and Minnesota. She is also going to be hosting Meet the Maker events in Illinois, Colorado, and Texas in October and November for new store Grand Opening celebrations.
  • Hiring more Brand Ambassadors in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and California.
  • Redesigning the website to make it more user friendly and easier to find information.
    • Take some time to become familiar with the new website and use it as a way to engage with customers at your events.

Let’s end the Summer with a Lucky 7 bonus…

Through the end of August, anyone who sells over 6 bottles of Señor Rio Tequila (not including Cafe Elegancia) will receive $2.00 per bottle commission starting with the 7th bottle sold during one event. For example…if you sell 10 bottles of tequila during an event, your commission for that event is $14.oo instead of $10.00. GOOD LUCK!!

Internal Web Page

The first phase of the new “Internal” team page is ready! This is where you can find information for helping you be successful at your events. Here are some things you will find:

  • We have created a new Event Sales form for you to submit information about your tasting event. Instead of texting your sales numbers after each event, PLEASE complete this form so we can better track the success of your events.
  • If you need to order more cards and cups, you can submit a request for these items on this page.

You can also learn more about referring someone who might be interested in hosting events, review the Brand Ambassador job description, check out the details for obtaining server certification. Be sure to check out the product card, recipe book, and tasting event script too!


Need to know where and when you are scheduled to host an event? You can access the calendar from the Internal page and then click “Categories” to filter the events that display for your state.


Social Media

Tasting Event 6.2

In order to build our brand using social media, we need you to like, comment, and share things we post online to help generate buzz for Señor Rio. Now is the perfect time to start advertising your tasting events on your social media accounts.

To promote your events using social media:

  1. Right-click on one of these images to save it to your computer.
  2. Upload to your social media accounts.
  3. Enter the store, date, and time for your event.
  4. Tag @senorrio (on Facebook and Twitter) and @senorriotequila (on Instagram).
  5. Use the hashtag #senorriotequila and any other appropriate hashtags so your posts reach a broader audience.

Look for information about an upcoming social media challenge for your chance to win an extra bonus in October.


Gift Shop

Do you know there is a Señor Rio gift shop? Well there is and anyone can buy the merchandise available including hats, shirts, flasks, and several other items.

Each gift is adorned with the Señor Rio logo and is a must have for anyone who loves tequila! Click the image above to check it out!!


New Brand Ambassadors

Join me in welcoming new members of the team:

  • Michele Ross – Arizona
  • Brandi White – Arizona
  • Brooke Welsh – Washington State
  • Marcus Thompson – California
  • Frank Remillard – New Mexico
  • Brandon Beetschen – California

The Winner Is…

Beginning in September, we will launch a new Brand Ambassador of the Month program. Whoever sells the most bottles of Señor Rio Tequila (not including Cafe Elegancia) in the previous month will receive an extra bonus and be featured in the newsletter to celebrate their accomplishments.

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