What It's Like To Be Hungry

As we all face an unknown future because of Covid-19, there are more people who know what it’s like to be hungry and not have enough food to feed their family. So many have lost their jobs or closed their small business and aren’t sure how they’ll keep food on the table. This is very troubling to me and I’m committed to doing what I can to help those who need a little extra support.

I was recently invited to talk about surviving as a small business during this pandemic on FOX 10 Phoenix News. While I prepared for that interview, I thought about how closing the country to keep everyone healthy has affected not just me, but others as well. Like many small business owners, I’m concerned about whether we can keep the “doors open” when this is over. Maybe this’ll be the best year or worst year for Señor Rio sales. Either way we’re committed to giving back and making a difference however large or small it is. I’m very thankful Señor Rio is a boutique brand loved by fans for our authentic taste and elegant presentation, so we’ll continue to thrive into the future.

Feeding Families One Bottle At A Time

Because Señor Rio has a proud history of giving back, during this interview I vowed to donate $1.00 for every 750ml bottle of Señor Rio tequila sold through the end of the year to St. Mary’s Food Bank in Phoenix, Arizona. Why did I choose St. Mary’s Food Bank? A member of Feeding America, a US hunger relief organization, St. Mary’s Food Bank helps those who struggle with getting enough to eat. They’re doing such good work that touches the lives of so many people every day. With the unemployment rate skyrocketing, now more than ever, people need our help so they don’t go hungry.

St. Mary's Food Bank
St. Mary's Food Bank
St. Mary's Food Bank
St. Mary's Food Bank
St. Mary's Food Bank

Many families are living paycheck to paycheck and I know firsthand what that’s like. No one should go hungry especially in America because we are people helping people, right? In one way or another, we’re all able to do a little extra something to show we care. I believe that together we’re always stronger and ask that you become a warrior and help us with our crusade to feed families. What would make this even better, is if other companies would co-partner and match my contribution dollar for dollar. Working together, we’ll make a bigger difference and feed even more families!

Feeling Grateful to Everyone Who Gives Back

I’m moved and truly grateful to anyone who donates their time or money to causes they believe in. We’re all here to live our best lives and helping those in need is a great way to feel good when things are uncertain. Another way to give back is to support small businesses and I’m overflowing with gratitude for those who support Señor Rio. There are 30.7 million small businesses in America and they’re the ones suffering the most right now. These “Mom and Pop” shops are the building blocks of our country and I hope they’ll continue to be our foundation for the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Let’s all come together and send the message that we are putting families first by living with faith, not fear, and giving each other hope, love, and peace.

Help Feed Families

Thank you for what you can do to give back! Please share with others so we get the word out about helping feed those in need.


Love Debbie

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