Why Having an Opinion IS a Good Thing

When it comes to an opinion, everybody’s got one. Everywhere you turn, someone’s opinion is front and center whether you want it or not. Depending on who’s giving their opinion, you either accept it or let it go. If you’re like me, you value what others say about great restaurants, fabulous places to visit, and awesome movies to watch. It’s so easy to get peoples’ thoughts on what they like or don’t like. If you want to know something, ask Google, Siri, or Alexa. In seconds, you’ll discover millions of websites with reviews for anything your heart desires. Think about it, how many times a day are you searching for what other people think?

We live in a world where information helps us make decisions and we want to make them quickly. Take Netflix, how many movies do you think they have? Who knows, well maybe Google does! The point is…if you ask for the top ten shows, they’re listed and available for you to watch. You may not always agree with the choices and that’s ok. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion even if it’s different than yours.

The Importance of Your Opinion

Personal opinions are given freely, based on your experience, and get to the “real” truth about a product or service. When I have a great meal out, I’ll rave about the chef or restaurant. If it’s a bad meal, I’ll tell it like it is…in a nice way and always with a smile!

Let’s talk booze for a minute. Do you read reviews before making a purchase? As you can imagine, there are opinions about this brand or that brand all over the internet. These publications, industry experts, competitions, professional tasters, connoisseurs, and aficionados freely share what they think. Oh wait, what about you…the consumer? Don’t you have an opinion based on your taste and personal preference? Of course you do! Your opinion matters, especially to small business owners like me.

Have you checked the Total Wine & More website before buying alcohol? I do all the time! They’ve got the largest selection and I welcome the opinions of those who shop there. While I’m on the site, I’ll check what’s being said about Señor Rio tequila. Yes…I read every comment and I’m grateful for the honest feedback

Your Opinion Matters

If you’ve bought Señor Rio tequila or Café Elegancia, thank you so much! Please take a minute to post your opinion on the Total Wine website. Then share that you’re a fan with others on social media. Be sure to use #senorriotequila in your post so we can give a shout out to you. If you haven’t tried Señor Rio, read the reviews and give us a taste. You won’t be disappointed!

Help Feed Families

Please visit any Total Wine & More store to buy your own bottle of Señor Rio tequila. From now until 12/31/20, we’ll donate $1.00 for every 750ml bottle of Señor Rio tequila sold to St. Mary’s Food Bank in Phoenix Arizona. Together our kindness counts! Be safe, stay well, and support small business.

Thank you for helping us feed families! Don’t forget to share this so we get the word out about feeding those in need.


Love Debbie

We’re so excited that our Tequila 101 blog has been selected by Feedspot as one of the Top 25 Tequila Blogs. If you are a tequila fan, be sure to check out what others are saying about this trending spirit.


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