Join Debbie Medina Gach, CEO & Co-Founder as she hosts the “Sharing Tequila …is Sharing Life” podcast of stories from everyday people. Listen in as she shares Señor Rio Tequila with, and gets to know, her guests. With a snifter of Debbie’s favorite expression, Reposado, they talk about life experiences, who they admire, how they want to be remembered, and whatever else inspires them while sipping this ultra-premium tequila.

With a commitment to the belief that “sharing tequila…is sharing life”, you can listen in while Debbie and her guests discuss topics that can impact us everyday. You will laugh, relate, understand, empathize, and maybe even cry as you hear these stories of how everyday people live their lives.

Do you have an interesting story you want to share with us? Do you love Señor Rio Tequila and want to tell us what you love about it? Submit a short story to us for a chance to be Debbie’s guest on a future podcast.

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