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I just love Fall…the trees that display a variety of colors inspires me to get out in nature and enjoy all of the beauty that surrounds us everyday. Of course the cooler temperatures help too!! What do you love most about Fall?

It’s also a great time for us to prepare for the busiest time of the year – the Holidays! With that in mind, here are a few things we are working on:

  • Creating more social media images you can use to share on your accounts to help spread the word about Señor Rio Tequila.
  • Revising the Tequilaology page with different recipes to establish a consistent brand so you can easily share them on social media.
  • Developing a handbook of policies and procedures to ensure you are successful in your role as a Brand Ambassador.

It is important that everyone helps with social media so that we can continue to increase awareness about Señor Rio Tequila. Be sure to follow, comment, and share with your family and friends what we post on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

These are just a few things we are doing to plan for a successful holiday season. What ideas do you have for increasing awareness and sales of Señor Rio? Please post a comment with your thoughts and ideas.


In the August, 2019 newsletter, we announced the start of othe Señor Rio  Tequila Brand Ambassador of the month program. I am excited to share with you that Frank Remillard has won for September. His first tasting event with Señor Rio was August 10th in Santa Fe, New Mexico where he sold 27 bottles. During August, Frank hosted 5 events and sold a total of 113 bottles for an average of almost 23 bottles per event. Wow!!

A few things to know about Frank…

Do you have a full-time job? If so, what do you do?

I do not have a full time job… I am retired from 30 years of retail… My last position was EVP of Store Operations… However, I do drive for Uber and Lyft a few hours each day while my 16 year old daughter is in college… She graduated 2 years ahead of schedule and does not have her license yet… So I take her to class, drive for a few hours and then go pick her up…Best job I have ever had….

What inspired you to become a Señor Rio Tequila Brand Ambassador?

Meeting Debbie… I was her Uber driver one day and we got talking and she told me about her company and that they were looking for a Brand Ambassador in NM… It just sounded like to much fun… So we stayed in touch and now I am having fun introducing people to Senor Rio Tequila…

Which Señor Rio Tequila product is your favorite and why?

The Reposado is my favorite…Love it with a squeeze of lime and splash of Grand Mariner… It just reminds me of a great margarita without the sugar and mixer….

What is the most fun aspect of being a Señor Rio Tequila Brand Ambassador?

I just have a great time engaging with people and talking about a great product… You meet people from all walks of life and you find a common ground to chat about…

What tips do you have for engaging with customers and encouraging them to buy Señor Rio Tequila products?

You just have to go for it… Don’t be shy… Engage everyone… You never know who will be your next customer… Senor Rio has such a great story and most people find it very interesting to hear… As for sales, I ask everyone if I can get a bottle for them to take home… If they do, great and I thank them and let them know to share the product with friends and its only available at Total Wine… If I have any free time, I try to get to the tequila aisle and see if anyone is there… If there is, I invite them over for a taste before they make their purchase… It has been pretty successful so far…

Yes Frank, it certainly has!! Congratulations and thank you for all your hard work. Enjoy celebrating your success with that $50.00 bonus you will receive in your next check.

To qualify as a Brand Ambassador of the Month, you must have the highest average bottles sold per event AND submit your Sales reports within 24 hours after your event ends. You qualify regardless of whether you host 2 or 5 events a month because your total number of bottles sold will be divided by the number of events you hosted to get your average. Good luck!!


Señor Rio On The Go

The mobile app is almost ready for release and should be available for download by the end of the year. This “On the Go” resource will give the connoisseur, as well as novice, an appreciation of this ultra-premium tequila.

Not only will users be able to buy from their nearest Total Wine, find recipes, and learn how Señor Rio Tequila is made; they can also participate in contests for prizes. We want it to be like a secret society for Señor Rio Tequila fans!

What ideas do you have for contests we can sponsor for customers?


Share What You Know

Everyone has something they know that can be helpful to others. Here are some things Debbie has done during her events to help raise awareness about Señor Rio while she is in a Total Wine store.

  • Make sure the shelves have a “Try Before You Buy” tag to encourage customers to sample an expression. Even if you are not in the store, a Total Wine team member can pour for them.
  • Check the bottles and wipe them down if they are dusty. Nothing says “this is not worth trying” worse than when there is dust all over the bottle.
  • If a shelf is empty, volunteer to restock or ask a Total Wine team member for assistance. Customers can’t buy what’s not available to them.
  • Ask a manager about better shelf placement (higher on the shelves or on an end cap). We are in the stores many weekends to help sell Señor Rio and because we are partners with Total Wine, it doesn’t hurt to ask.

What makes you successful as a Señor Rio Brand Ambassador?

Señor Rio Tequila Inferno Cocktail

Cocktail of The Month

Each month we will select a “Cocktail of the Month” to share on social media. Customers will love the simplicity of these drinks and get the opportunity to share Señor Rio Tequila with others.

The Inferno is a perfect drink for the start of Fall because of its refreshing nature with a little “hot” thrown in. It reminds me of the warm Summer weather and a hint of cooler weather that is just around the corner.

Simply save the image to your mobile device and then post it to your Social Media accounts. Don’t forget to tag @senorrio (Facebook & Twitter) and @senorriotequila (Instagram) and add the hashtag #senorriotequila. Now is the time to start posting because there will be upcoming contests to win bonuses based on the number of things you share with your friends and family.


Starting October 1st through the end of the year, we are going to show how much we appreciate our customers with a social media contest. No purchase is necessary (but preferred) and all they need to do is…

  • Agree to take a picture with you, the bottle, and the “I’m a Fan” certificate
    • Add the date to the bottom of the certificate so we can track their posts
  • Post it on Facebook while they are in the store
  • Use the hashtag #senorriotequila in their post

The fan who has the most likes and shares of their photo for the month (October, November, or December) will win a $25.00 Total Wine gift card and the Brand Ambassador in the picture will also win a $25.00 bonus in their check. We will message the winner on Facebook to let them know they have won so we can send them the gift card.


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