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Stories From Everyday People

Sharing Tequila...Is Sharing Life...

Join Debbie Medina Gach, CEO & Co-Founder as she hosts the “Sharing Tequila …is Sharing Life” podcast of stories from everyday people. Listen in as she shares Señor Rio Tequila with, and gets to know, her guests. With a snifter of Debbie’s favorite expression, Reposado, they talk about life experiences, who they admire, how they want to be remembered, and whatever else inspires them while sipping this award winning, ultra-premium tequila.

With a commitment to the belief that “sharing tequila…is sharing life”, you can listen in while Debbie and her guests discuss topics that can impact us everyday. You will laugh, relate, understand, empathize, and maybe even cry as you hear these stories of how everyday people live their lives.

Do you have an interesting story you want to share with us? Do you love Señor Rio Tequila and want to tell us what you love about it? Submit a short story to us for a chance to be Debbie’s guest on a future episode.


A Heartfelt Chat with JD Walker

JD Walker has led a very exciting life…going from stuntman to BASE jumper he knows what it means to give everything you have for the things you love to do.  So…what is BASE jumping? Well it basically means that you are someone who jumps off buildings, antennas, structures, and earth (cliffs). Over snifters of Señor […]


The Inside Scoop From Gavin Jacobs

Restauranteur Gavin Jacobs shares with Debbie his journey from entrepreneur, based in family tradition, to following his passion for creating great food and cocktails. Born in South Africa, discover what inspired Gavin’s passion for food and wine that led him to 10 major cities in the United States. Based in the Chandler Arizona area, Gavin […]


Learning More About  Abou Ben Adhem Shriners

Listen in as Debbie talks with Silver Bullet, Shipwreck (aka Shippy), Stitches, and Grease Monkey from the Abou Ben Adhem Shriners located in Springfield Missouri. While sipping Señor Rio Tequila on board a cruise ship, they talk about being Shriners and helping children. Discover how they became Shriners, what inspires them, and […]


Talking with Friends Luigina & Korin

While sipping Señor Rio Tequila, Debbie talks with friends Luigina and Karin. During this lively conversation, learn how these Baby Boomers met and what wisdom they would share with their younger selves. Discover what their hidden talents are (listen close as you will hear a little Patsy Cline impersonation) as well […]


Getting the Scoop From Katie Boddy

While sipping Señor Rio Tequila Blanco, Debbie talks with Katie Boddy to learn about what inspires her and get the scoop on being a single mother to 5 year old twins. After running her own personal stylist business, check out how she uses what we she learned as a small business owner to help entrepreneurs […]


Sharing Stories With Scot & Donna Andrews

In this episode Debbie chats with new Señor Rio Tequila fans, Scot and Donna Andrews. Sharing a snifter of Señor Rio Reposado, along with two of their favorite people Desiree & CJ as well as their son John, they talk about being entrepreneurs and some of the things that inspire them. Lots of laughs, informative […]


Chatting With Stacey and Jim Wales

In this episode Debbie chats with first time Señor Rio Tequila tasters, Stacey and Tim Wales. Sharing a snifter of Señor Rio Reposado, they talk about being entrepreneurs and the rewards (as well as challenges) that come with running your own business. Stacey and Tim share how they were swindled […]


Getting to Know Johnny Love

In our first episode, Debbie welcomes retired Pro Wrestler and current Handicapper for the Star Tribune Johnny Love. While they all sip Señor Rio Tequila’s Reposado, Debbie and her guest host Carolyn learn about Johnny’s life as a Pro Wrestler and how he developed his love of horse racing. Laugh along as Johnny shares how […]

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