Want to know more about how tequila is harvested and distilled? Visit the distillery and tour where Señor Rio is made. Rated #2 of 10 out of the tours in Tequila on TripAdvisor, you will learn about the process used to make tequila. This unique experience is a way to unwind and disconnect in the beautiful agave fields.

Senor Rio Tequila has two signature barrel hotel rooms customized and inside their barrel hotel room awaits a bottle of Señor Rio Tequila with glassware for you to sip and enjoy while you create your memories in the lowlands of Jalisco.

Remember to ask about staying in one of the Señor Rio Tequila barrel rooms when making your reservation. There is a pool and the views are spectacular of the blue weber agave plants along the mountain side. Bring your family and close friends as we like to say Sharing tequila…Is Sharing Life!

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