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The late Jonathan and Debbie Medina Gach, co-founders, met in business and built a relationship which turned into love. They discovered they had mutual interests and passions, one they decided to pursue was their love for tequila. After 30 years Debbie and her husband Jonathan traveled to Mexico to reunite with her father, Señor Rio. It was an emotional reunion and to help break the ice, her dad offered them tequila in a simple bottle with no name or label. He explained how he made this fine tequila and that the process went back three generations in his family. They shared his small batch of the best premium tequila and their life stories, bringing them together as a family. The next day they were amazed at how good they felt, no hangover or headache especially after drinking the entire bottle. When they returned to Arizona, Debbie and Jonathan thought what if…

Born on Cinco De Mayo 2009 in the little town of Tequila, Mexico. The first shipment arrived in Gilbert, Arizona on May 29, 2009. Jonathan designed the beautiful bottle and for their logo they selected an old photo of Debbie’s dad. It now sits on every bottle and is known as the man with the hat or Señor Rio! Señor Rio Tequila should not be hurried, it should be enjoyed with your family and close friends sharing your life stories and creating your memories. “It is in the spirit of family and tradition that we proudly bring to you Señor Rio Tequila.”


Debbie Medina-Gach, Co-Founder and CEO of Jalisco International Import, Inc., is a trailblazing figure in the tequila industry. Her brand, Señor Rio Tequila, co-founded with her late husband in 2007, stands as an epitome of quality and craftsmanship. With over two decades in Banking and Real Estate, Debbie's transition to entrepreneurship was driven by a desire to connect with families. Despite her professional success, she remains grounded in her values, shaped by a challenging upbringing. Motivated by personal experiences, Debbie founded the We Care Crusade to support children and families facing conditions like those of her twin granddaughters who have special needs and are her heroes. Through her work and philanthropy, she champions diversity, inclusion, and equity. A proud baby boomer and widow, Debbie cherishes family time and values personal connections, embodying a life dedicated to community welfare.

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Welcome to the world of Señor Rio Tequila, where tradition meets sophistication in every bottle. We are proud to announce that the acclaimed actor, Joe Mantegna, now co-owns our esteemed brand. Known for his distinguished career in film, television, and theater, Joe brings the same passion and dedication to Señor Rio Tequila that he's shown in his artistic endeavors. His appreciation for the rich heritage of tequila making, coupled with his vision for innovative experiences, enhances our commitment to delivering a product that is both authentic and premium. Join us in celebrating this exciting new chapter as we continue to craft tequila that tells a story in every sip. Here's to the future of Señor Rio Tequila — Salud!

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Joe Mantegna is an American actor with over 300 film and television credits. Some highlights are Godfather Part III, Searching for Bobby Fischer, Rat Pack, Alice, and notably for his role as David Rossi on the long-running hit CBS Drama Criminal Minds. He is an Emmy and Golden Globe-nominated actor and a Tony and Joseph Jefferson Award winner for his work with David Mamet in the play Glengarry Glen Ross. In April of 2011, Joe received a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and in 2014 he received a Lifetime Achievement award from the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce for his dedication to the community and the craft of acting.

Joe also has a passion for helping active service members, military veterans, and first responders, as well as kids and adults with special needs. Joe became a partner with Debbie Medina-Gach and in Senor Rio in 2023 after discovering that not only was it a superior product made in the traditional way, but because a portion of the proceeds are dedicated to helping children with special needs.

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