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The craft of Señor Rio’s tequila begins exclusively with using estate grown agaves cultivated in the lowlands of Jalisco, Mexico.

Embodying a rich and earthy taste that yields a spicy yet exceptionally smooth and flavorful finish with notes of citrus due to the unique fermentation process.

“The smoothest of clear ultra-premium tequilas in the world.”



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Smooth Clean Taste

"Very clean and smooth and worth the money. Good sipping Tequila."

Sedona, AZ


"Very impressed. Smooth with a touch of sweetness. Mild but a satisfying lingering on the palate."

Palo Alto, CA

Great Taste

"We got a miniature bottle of this tequila to try. My fiancée loved it so much we went back the next week to get a full size bottle."

Glenarden, MD

Smooth & Wonderful

"I bought this item a while ago and both my girlfriend and I loved it. It was very smooth and had a great flavor."

Lexington, KY

Wow! Incredible!

"They were doing tastings for the Blanco, Reposado, and Anejo and after trying all 3, I put back what I already had in my cart and bought the Blanco. It’s a fantastic silver/plato/Blanco tequila for sipping. The flavor of the agave really comes through and makes this a great experience. I’ve just started getting into Tequilas after years of only drinking whiskey and rum. I’m definitely a tequila man now."


Excellent Tequila

"The best tequila that I have tried. Thank you to the gentleman at the tasting area for recommending it."

Albuquerque, NM

Senor Rio Tequila Blanco

"Very good Tequila if you are looking for a good tequila you should give Senor Rio a try...."

Placentia, CA

Expensive But Excellent

"Bought this for my wife after the salesperson suggested it (and offered a sample). So far...the best tequila my wife has had. Very smooth. This is a sipping tequila. For margaritas we still by a cheaper tequila."



"This tequila is very smooth, I can't wait to try the Reposado and Añejo."

Torrance, CA

Amazing Tequila

"I bought this as a gift for some tequila drinkers and they absolutely enjoyed it. They have tried many tequilas and rated this up there with some of the best even though its not aged, but well made!"
Fort Worth, TX

Peppery Finish. Unique Smooth Taste

"A smooth and Spicey taste that separates it from the rest."


Excellent Tequila!

"I just tried Senor Rio Tequila and found it to be the smoothest tequila I have ever had! Definitely the BEST one on the shelf!"

The Villages, FL

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