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Small Batch and Artisanal

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The Blanco displays a very silky finesse and the smoothest of clear ultra-premium tequilas in the world.

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Layers of complexity that introduces oak, cognac, sweetness, and spice for the perfect balance.

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Full body and intense flavor, yet smooth with a long buttery finish similar to Scotch or Cognac.

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The uniquely tasting Anejo focuses on the wood footprints from the two casks and ends with a luxurious velvety finish.

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Superior in quality and exceptionally smooth. Must have for the tequila connoisseur or collector.

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Coffee liqueur made with tequila. Flavors of coffee, mild agave spice, and chocolate. A delicious well rounded cordial.

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"I am beyond humbled and honored to have Joe Mantegna as a co-owner and partner of Señor Rio tequila and can't wait to see what we achieve together. Not only are we putting tequila smiles out there, but we are also putting smiles on the children's faces that we help with special needs through


Señor Rio is a tequila on a mission with a cause. It's about making a difference one bottle, one family, one child at a time. Salud!"

Debbie Medina Gach, CEO/Co-Founder

Jalisco International Imports, Inc.


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Crafting Señor Rio

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Orange and White Modern Teamwork Keynote
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    BOUTIQUE STYLE ULTRA-PREMIUM TEQUILA Señor Rio is a boutique tequila brand made from a recipe that spans 3 generations in our family. It is this tradition that inspired us to create the smoothest, ultra-premium tequila meant to be shared with family and friends. Our hand-crafted expressions start with perfectly estate grown harvested agaves from the lowlands of Jalisco Mexico for an all-natural, gluten free spirit that gets better with age. BORN FROM FAMILY, TRADITION, AND LOVE Founded in 2009 by Debbie Medina and Jonathon Gach, the story of Señor Rio tequila starts when Debbie’s father reached out to her after a 30-year separation that began when she was a child. It was a bottle of homemade tequila that helped break the ice and would start a journey towards a dream that is Señor Rio. A common passion for tequila along with a shared commitment to Señor Rio led Debbie and Jonathon to the alter in 2017 when they became husband and wife. In 2018 Jonathan unexpectedly passed away from Pancreatic cancer. WOMAN OWNED AND OPERATED COMPANY It is in the spirit of love for her father (Señor Rio) and Jonathon that Debbie continues the dream of sharing Señor Rio tequila one bottle at a time. If you look behind each label toward the inside of your Señor Rio tequila bottle, you will see “Sharing tequila is…”Sharing life…” A message as a reminder of why Señor Rio was born. It is Debbie’s commitment to honoring their legacy and memories, her strong faith in tradition, and love for her family that keeps the dream alive. AWARD WINNING TASTE IN A BEAUTIFUL PACKAGE Connoisseurs agree that not only does Señor Rio tequila have a beautiful package, it has a taste that rivals many brands in the ultra-premium tequila category. Recognized by industry leaders at spirit competitions including the San Francisco World Spirits Competition and International Review of Spirits, Señor Rio tequila consistently receives gold and silver awards for taste. Wine Enthusiast rates Señor Rio Tequila expressions with a 91+ rating and has rated us as Very Good and Excellent. All of these organizations agree that Señor Rio is a luxury brand of promise that is blazing a trail towards the more prestigious national and celebrity endorsed tequila brands. Don’t take their word for it…fans agree that the smooth taste of Señor Rio tequila is the perfect match for anyone who loves a boutique spirit that is hand crafted in small batches. BLANCO Double distilled keeping the true taste of the tequila with a spiciness and peppery taste from the volcanic soil found in the lowlands of Jalisco Mexico. It is a delicate tequila so you don’t need ice, lime or salt. It is crisp, clean and “the smoothest of clear ultra-premium tequilas in the world.” REPOSADO Our Blanco is aged for 6 months in French oak Cognac barrels that offer an exceptionally lovely layered flavor profile. The Cognac comes forth almost like honey giving this expression a sweetness with a little spice from the earth’s volcanic soil while still keeping the integrity of the agave essence. The introduction of oak delivers the perfect balance. AÑEJO This “Cognac of Tequilas” is our Blanco aged for 2 years in French oak Cognac barrels. This enhances the distinguished elegance of the tequila and aroma of the wood casks producing a long buttery finish that lingers.up to five minutes. It is the number one seller and is often preferred over national brand Añejos. This top seller has characteristics similar to a fine Scotch or Cognac and sips like a $100 bottle for half the price. EXTRA AÑEJO Aged to perfection for 5 years in French oak Cognac barrels, this limited-edition release (900 bottles) is comparable to your finest top shelf Single Malt Scotch or Cognac. This third-generation bottle was designed by the co-founders; Jon wanted a decanter like no other and Debbie a beautiful perfume bottle design. They compromised on an elegant, hand painted black and white decanter that stands out from the crowd. The taste is exceptionally smooth with a long-lasting finish that offers notes of the French oak and is superior in quality. Reward yourself before this wonderful expression is out of circulation and you may regret not owning one. DOUBLE-BARREL ANEJO If you are fortunate enough to locate this limited edition (600 bottles) expression, which almost sold out immediately once it hit the store shelves, you are truly a lucky person. This exclusive release is presented in an Artesian hand painted ceramic bottle. The first aging is in an American oak Bourbon cask for one year and the second aging is in a French oak Burgundy Wine cask from a California winery. The unique taste overview is an elegant Añejo that focuses on the wood footprints from the two casks and ends with a luxurious, velvety finish. CAFÉ ELEGANCIA An all-natural coffee liqueur made with Señor Rio Blanco tequila, 100% Arabica coffee beans, and pure cane sugar. This unique blend offers just the right amount of sweetness from the high quality of the coffee beans and sugar. Enjoy it chilled, mixed with coffee or espresso, or blended in a craft cocktail. It is also a “delicious, well-rounded cordial.” The flavor profile is nicely layered with coffee, mild agave spice and chocolate. You may enjoy this liqueur as a libation after dinner or poured over your ice cream. One taste and it may be your new guilty pleasure. TASTE THE DIFFERENCE FOR YOURSELF Not all tequilas are created equal we invite you to stop by any Total Wine & More store that sells spirits and allows sampling per State restrictions. Ask a team member for a sample taste of Señor Rio tequila and Café Elegancia. If you want a more personal tasting experience, be sure to check out our Calendar for sampling events at your local Total Wine & More store. Our Brand Ambassadors are eager to share the Señor Rio story and wonderful taste so you can experience pure elegance in a bottle. Three key factors to know when selecting a tequila is how it’s made, how it tastes, and how you feel the next day. Discover for yourself why these factors make Señor Rio tequila different than the rest.
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