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Our tequila is made with estate grown 100% blue weber agaves cultivated in the ideal conditions of the arid red clay soil in Jalisco Mexico. The pinas (the hearts of the agave plants) are harvested by hand after reaching maturity and slowly cooked in traditional stone ovens.

After being cooked, they’re fermented with the tanks open so the fragrance from the fruit trees, which surround the distillery, blends into the tequila for a hint of tropical citrus. Finally, the tequila is double distilled by the master distiller to keep the true agave flavor of this premium tequila.

A Bit of History


Jonathan and Debbie Medina Gach, co-founders, met in business and built a friendship which turned into love. They discovered that they had mutual interests and passions; one they decided to pursue was their love for tequila.

Check out this video about how Señor Rio got it’s start and watch until the end for some great recipes!

Jonathan designed the beautiful bottle and for their logo they selected an old photo of Debbie’s dad. It now sits on every bottle and is known as the man with the hat or Señor Rio! Born on Cinco De Mayo 2009 in the little town of Tequila, Mexico, the first shipment arrived in Gilbert, AZ on May 29, 2009.

“It is in the spirit of family and tradition that we proudly bring to you Señor Rio Tequila.”

Sharing Tequila is Sharing Life

When you share any of Señor Rio Tequila expressions with friends and family, you truly share the foundation of how Señor Rio Tequila was born. Over sips of this premium tequila, the recipe was given with love to Jonathan and Debbie for them to share with you.

Watch as the Comedian Tony Cobain shares how he enjoys relaxing with Señor Rio Tequila. Are you a fan of Queen of the South, she enjoys relaxing with Señor Rio Tequila too (check out our bottles in this scene).

Tony Cobain

Queen of the South

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