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Cafe Elegancia Liqueur


Señor Rio Cafe Elegancia is a coffee liqueur made with Señor Rio Blanco tequila, 100% Arabica coffee beans, and cane sugar. This unique blend offers just the right amount of sweetness due to the high quality of the beans and sugar.

Enjoy chilled, pour over ice cream, add to whipped cream, mix with your coffee or espresso, or blend in a craft cocktail.

“Flavors of coffee, mild agave spice, and chocolate. A delicious well rounded cordial.”

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Coffee With A Kick

“It’s like drinking sweet, dark and slightly roasted coffee with a mild blanco kick to it. It may sound odd but it works & tastes great! If you have a sweet tooth like me, I recommend you try this one out!”


Perfect After Dinner

“An excellent after dinner drink... coffee and tequila...”

Queen Creek, AZ

So Delicious!

“If you like sweet coffee, you'll love this. I poured this over my vanilla ice cream for an amazing desert. I even blended it with ice cream and made a perfect adult milk shake. Love It!! :-)”

New Orleans, LA

Sr. Rio

“This is absolutely amazing.”


Coffee Tequila

“Who would have thought coffee tequila. So glad my Total Wine peeps put this on my radar!”


Good Flavor, Not Overpowering

“Great addition to a cup of coffee.”

Phoenix, AZ

Coffee Lover

“I seriously need coffee every morning but this is my new favorite addition to my coffee mixture. Not every morning of course but I love the sweet taste that truly compliments my drink.”


Superb coffee liquor

“This is a great stand alone sweetened coffee sipper or goes well with your morning cup of Joe!! Tastes best on it's own when iced!”

Tucson, AZ


“I really enjoy the coffee/tequila combination. It is very smooth and wonderful to have in the evening after dinner. Served over ice.”

Scottsdale, AZ

Best Liqueur Ever

“I will definitely say that the flavor is superbly blended with both the Seńor Rio tequila and the Arabica Coffee Beans. A must have, a must period.”

Norfolk, VA

Great To Add In Your Morning Coffee!

“Picked up this bottle to try and all I have to say is wow!!! Smooth and sweet love adding this to my morning coffee.”

Mesa, AZ


Top Fav In My Home Bar

“Senor Rio Tequila Blanco has always been my favorite Tequila. I was thrilled to stumble across Senor Rio Cafe Elegancia at Total Wine and no surprise at the quality and smoothness of this delectable coffee liqueur. Great on its own or with ice. Lovely with cream or Irish Cream. I'm on my way to get another one and glad it's in stock...”



“Once again I bought it because it was a favorite of one of my favorite store employees and was pleasantly surprised and impressed with the smoothness. Fortunately, the coffee doesn't over power the tequila flavor and the there is no bite to it. The best way I think is straight with or with out ice.”

Phoenix, AZ

Amazing Taste Experience!

“What an absolutely great way to top off an evening!! Senor Rio Elegancia is an amazing taste experience. Sweet but not too.... great coffee/tequila combination. Wonderful after dinner to impress your friends. "try it, you'll like it"”

Pomona, NY

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