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Señor Rio’s Reposado begins with their award winning Blanco that is aged 6 months in French Oak casks that previously housed Cognac.

It displays a very silky finesse complimenting its natural sweetness of honey and oak delivering a distinctive taste, a perfect balance.

“Layers of complexity that introduces oak, cognac, sweetness, and spice for the perfect balance.”



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So Drinkable

“Extremely smooth with a great taste.”


One Of The Best

"Comparable to Don Julio 1942 at “Great tequila!”"

North Myrtle Beach, SC

Amazing Tequila

“Súper exited with my purchase from now on this is the only tequila I will drink”

Santa Fe, NM

Not A Tongue Burner

“Senor Rio Reposado was a nice sweet smooth tequila. You could definitely tell it was rested in white oak barrels that once contained cognac. If you want to impress your tequila snob friends, try this tequila out on them.”

Tucson, AZ

Excellent Tequila

“I bought this a few weeks ago when we had some friends visiting. Everyone loved this tequila. Will definitely purchase again.”

Rosenberg, TX

Smooth Tequila

“A go to if you are looking for a smooth sipping tequila.”


Not bad for the money!

“I like a good sipping tequila!!!! For what I consider a moderately priced tequila ($49 a 5th). My husband is a single malt fan. Trust me $50 is moderate compared to what he spends. Scotch yuck! Tequila yummy! If you're budget is modest and you like a good sipping tequila this is a winner! If you like the cheaper $40 patron, or don Julio. You will absolutely love this one for a measly $10 more! Salute!!!!”

Tucson, AZ

Must Try

“Very good rich smooth taste. We used a brandy snifter for our first home taste and it was so smooth and delicious.”

La Habra, CA

Great Tequila Taste

“I purchased this as a manager’s special and favorite. It was smooth and had a great taste. I usually drink Herradura so I am picky about tequila.”

 Houston, TX

Surprisingly Good

“Super smooth tequila with great flavor, if you haven't tried this don't think twice.”

 Gilbert, AZ


“For a moderately priced tequila, it is very good. Smooth with mild oak flavors. This is definitely not some cheap tequila for margaritas. Great for just sipping.”

Rancho Cucamonga, CA


“This is one of the best tequilas I’ve ever had!! Highly recommend it!”

 Gilbert, AZ

My Favorite

“I love both the Reposado and the Coffee Tequila. Recommended to my friends.”

Mesa, AZ

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