Do you know your Anejo?

Everyone has their go to, a favorite restaurant, a preferred wine, or a unique travel destination, there’s just something about knowing exactly what you want. Presumably, if you’re a fan of fine spirits, you probably have a “go to” for that as well. Now, if that spirit happens to be tequila, you may have a favorite for that expression as well. If the answer is no however, there’s no need to despair, because we’ve got a great option available, one that promises not only to delight, but impress as well! Senor Rio’s extra Anejo has once again won a Gold Medal at the annual 2020 SIP awards, while simultaneously garnering the award for Innovation. According to SIP guidelines “The Innovation Award applauds spirits with an interesting and unique taste profile or design. Consumer judges deem these spirits as innovative and groundbreaking by highlighting them with this exclusive recognition.” Needless to say, this is a tequila that continues to impress many within the spirits industry.

So what exactly makes it so special?

While there are plenty of fine tequilas on the market today, Senor Rio Extra Anejo continues to win acclaim via gold medals while garnering more and more attention among the spirits community. “It really just comes down to attention to detail and our commitment to the process” said Debbie Medina Gach, one of only a handful of women owners in the tequila business and CEO of Senor Rio Tequila. “This recipe was passed down from generations, and I’m just happy that our small batch Tequila has been recognized by so many in the industry to be placed among the very best.” Indeed, commitment to the process has been exactly what has made the extra Anejo so popular among tequila enthusiasts. For starters, while many of the more well known tequilas elect to use oak or bourbon barrels for their aging process, Debbie and her family’s recipe has always utilized Cognac barrels imported from France. “Not many people are aware of this” added Gach “but French oak wood is tighter grained and less dense, with smoother tannins. This really provides the smoother taste which we think helps our Anejo and Extra Anejo separate from the rest of the pack.”

Trust the aging process!

While the Cognac barrels from France are an integral part of the process of making this award winning tequila, there is another process involved, and it is one that does not allow any shortcuts, imitations, or counterfeits, as the only component is time! While many of the other competitors do indeed age their tequilas for years at a time, Senor Rio Extra Anejo often doubles the amount of time spent in the Cognac barrels as opposed to other top competitors. For example, many other award winning tequilas will say they age theirs for three to five years. While commendable, that creates a level of variability with the product. Was the tequila aged only 3 years, maybe 3 and a half? Unfortunately there’s no way to be sure with spirits made in that manner. That is where the Extra Anejo really earns its well deserved shine, as every bottle served will have spent no less than 5 years in one of our signature Cognac barrels.

A work of art, inside and out!

Having been described as a tequila that finishes “velvety smooth, with a flavorful finish” Senor Rio Extra Anejo represents the pure elegance that should be expected of an ultra-premium spirit. Apart from the exquisite taste that is found in the Extra Anejo, there’s also the beauty that is the bottle itself! Each bottle of Senor Rio Extra Anejo has been hand painted individually, as only a select 900 bottles have ever been made. Given the amount of time and effort that has gone into every bottle, it really would not be a stretch to call each and every bottle of Senor Rio Extra Anejo a work of art! As a result, every bottle therefore not only carries an extremely rare and valuable expression of tequila, it also acts as a collectors item in and of itself. Therefore, for all the true lovers and connoisseurs of tequila, this bottle represents a rare opportunity to own one of the finest tequilas available anywhere in the world.

Tis the season to treat yourself!

Like the finer things in life, Senor Rio Extra Anejo fetches a price point that places it among the elite of ultra-premium Tequilas at $299 a bottle. That being said, with the holidays right around the corner, it makes the perfect gift for that special someone who enjoys a fine tequila, or maybe for yourself! We’ve all been through a difficult year, why not reward yourself for a job well done? As one satisfied customer commented online “I have been a Senor Rio fan since the beginning. This bottle is so smooth and we enjoyed it for my son's college graduation! Definitely a bottle for a big celebration!!” Like all other Senor Rio expressions of tequila, the Extra Anejo is only available at Total Wine stores. For further information on this award winning tequila, feel free to visit both, or see what many satisfied customers have to say on


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