An Ultra-Premium Tequila Made with Love and Tradition

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In a small town near Jalisco Mexico, an ultra-premium tequila made with love and tradition was discovered during an emotional reunion between father and daughter. Separated by circumstance when she was young, it was 30 years before Debbie Medina Gach saw her father (Señor Rio) again. Traveling with her husband Jonathan for support, they set out on an adventure neither of them saw coming.

To help break the ice, Señor Rio offered them tequila from a simple bottle with no name or label. He explained how he made this fine tequila and talked passionately about how the recipe went back 3 generations in their family. They shared his small batch tequila and their life stories, bringing them all closer together. The next day, both Debbie and Jonathan were amazed at how good they felt because neither of them had a headache or hangover after they drank the whole bottle!

When they returned home, Debbie and Jonathan thought…what if? What if we:

  • Quit our jobs as a Real Estate Agent (Debbie) and Accountant (Jonathan)?

  • Introduce this small batch tequila to the world…one bottle at a time?

  • Use all of our savings to start our own business and make this a reality?

Jumping in with everything they had, it was on May 5, 2009 that Señor Rio Tequila was born. Jonathan designed the beautiful bottle and the logo is an old photo of a younger Señor Rio. On each bottle, if you look inside between the front and back labels, it reads “Sharing Tequila…is Sharing Life to represent the coming together of family. Self-distributing their ultra-premium, small batch, artisanal tequila; Debbie and Jonathan hit the pavement running with their flagship expressions:


Double distilled keeping the true taste of the tequila with a spiciness or peppery taste from the volcanic soil found in the lowlands of Jaliso Mexico. It is a delicate tequila with no harsh burn so you don’t need ice, lime or salt. It is crisp, clean and “the smoothest of clear ultra-premium tequilas in the world.”


Our Blanco is aged for 6 months in French oak cognac barrels that has a very different flavor profile than the Blanco. The cognac comes forth almost like a honey, giving this expression a sweet, with a little spice, taste. It has many lovely “layers that introduces oak, cognac, sweetness, and spice for a perfect balance.”


This “Cognac of Tequilas” is our Blanco aged for 2 years in French oak cognac barrels. This enhances the distinguished elegance of the tequila and aroma of the wood casks producing a long buttery finish that lingers. It is the number one seller and often is preferred over national brand Añejos. This top seller picks up characteristics like a fine Scotch or Cognac.

As they continued on their journey introducing the world to Señor Rio Tequila, Debbie and Jonathan produced 3 more expressions.

Cafe Elegancia

An all-natural coffee liqueur made with Señor Rio Blanco tequila, 100% Arabica coffee beans, and pure cane sugar. This unique blend offers just the right amount of sweetness from the high quality of the coffee beans and sugar. Enjoy it chilled, mixed with coffee or espresso, or blended in a craft cocktail. It is also a “delicious, well-rounded cordial.”

Double Barrel Añejo

This exclusive release is presented in an artesian hand painted ceramic bottle as a limited release of only 600 bottles. Aged for 1 year in an American oak bourbon barrel and then for 9 months in a French burgundy wine barrel, this “elegant tequila offers notes of vanilla, almonds, and caramel.

Extra Añejo

Aged to perfection for 5 years in French oak cognac barrels, this limited release (900 bottles) is comparable to a fine Single Malt Scotch or Cognac. The beautiful ceramic black decanter with hand painted while swirls is stunning. This presentation is perfect for a tequila that is “superior in quality and exceptionally smooth. A must have for the tequila connoisseur or collector.

This collection of award winning, ultra-premium tequila expressions is the foundation for a small business competing in the big world of tequila spirits. Señor Rio Tequila is made with love, family, and tradition for tequila lovers who appreciate a hand-crafted spirit with an artisan flavor.


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