Home Alone on Cinco De Mayo?

Here we are…quarantined and forced to be home alone on Cinco De Mayo with visions of past celebrations dancing in our heads. Even though some of us are fortunate to be with family or pets, it’s not going to be the same fun time you may have had before. But not to worry…even though you can’t go out to celebrate, you can still have fun this Cinco De Mayo at home.


Are you a Margarita drinker, tequila sipper or shooter, or guilty of all three? It truly is a personal preference and can depend on which tequila brand or expression you are celebrating with. Let’s say you have Blanco, which means silver in English and is most commonly used when making Margaritas (the number 1 cocktail in America) or for shots. If a great Margarita is your must have for Cinco De Mayo, you can’t go wrong with our Rio Grande.

The traditional way to enjoy tequila in Mexico is by sipping it neat at room temperature. You can find a bottle of tequila sitting on most tables in homes and at restaurants. Tequila is often served in a snifter glass with Sangrita, the sassy companion to tequila, by its side in a tall shot glass served chilled to compliment the tequila. Sip the tequila first then the Sangrita and repeat. The tomato and citrus flavors of the Sangrita add a nice boldness to the taste of the Blanco. Sangrita is very simple to make, similar to a bloody Mary without the vodka.

Shooting chilled Blanco is a common way to enjoy tequila in the United States. It is mostly done that way to hurry the tequila, followed by lime and salt to mask the burn or taste. Some tequilas can be quite harsh depending on how long the agaves are matured before harvesting them. The longer they are in the earth, the more natural sugar content they produce yielding a smoother taste with less burn. Another factor that impacts flavor and taste is whether you are drinking 100% agave tequila or a mixto. There is a difference…remember one tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor? But hey you’re at home, right?


Regardless of how you enjoy your tequila, a great way to celebrate Cinco De Mayo at home is to make an authentic Mexican dinner. While there are many different recipes on the internet, these are a few of our favorites that are easy to make and definitely add a touch of Mexico to your celebration.

No authentic Mexican dinner is complete without Guacamole! Serve it as an appetizer with chips for your first course to get your celebration started.

Mexican Salsa is definitely a staple for the authentic Mexican meal. This versatile sauce is perfect as a dip for chips and added to a taco or rice.

Nothing screams Cinco De Mayo like a taco and these Mexican Street Tacos are a must have for your authentic Mexican dinner. They are easy to make and are sure to please even the pickiest eater.

Be sure to add some Mexican Rice to your dinner menu as part of your authentic Mexican dinner. Serve it with tacos and beans for a complete meal on Cinco De Mayo.

Don’t forget the beans! Frijoles Charos are a great way to add authenticity to your Mexican dinner. They are a tasty alternative especially if someone isn’t a fan of refried or black beans.

Finish your authentic Mexican dinner with Churro Sticks. These easy to make pastries are a fantastic way to end your Cinco De Mayo celebration and the kids will love to help you make them.


Regardless of how you celebrate Cinco De Mayo at home this year, let’s all raise our glass for a virtual toast. It’s a way for us to celebrate life, thank all of those who are on the front lines during this pandemic, and hope that next year we won’t find ourselves celebrating at home alone, again.

There are no specific rules about how you should celebrate Cinco De Mayo. As long as good tequila is part of your celebration, you can’t go wrong. Be sure to visit any Total Wine & More store to buy your own bottle of Señor Rio Tequila and help feed a family. From now until 12/31/20, we will donate $1.00 for every 750ml bottle of Señor Rio tequila sold to the St. Mary’s Food Bank in Phoenix Arizona. Together our kindness counts and as a company that cares we ask that you please be safe, stay well, and support small business.

Thank you for what you can do to give back and please share with others so we get the word out about helping feed those in need.


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