Thoughtful Ways to Celebrate Mom While Social Distancing

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Finding ways to celebrate Mom this year will be quite different for all of us. The traditional brunch date or family and friends gathering in one place isn’t an option this year. Can you still make this a memorable holiday from a distance when you usually spend time together face to face? Of course you can! Here are some thoughtful ways you can celebrate Mom while social distancing and letting her know you are thinking of her.

CELEBRATE MOM BY KEEPING IT SIMPLE There are so many ways to show your love that don’t cost much and mean a lot. I remember when handwritten notes and crayon drawings from my children gave me the biggest smile ever. I still have a few of those which I cherish very much. Now a grandmother of 5 (the oldest is 5) there will be a new generation of hand drawings coming my way and I can’t wait! Hand write a note to your Mom telling her all the ways you appreciate her and send it to her in the mail. If you don’t tell her about it, you can keep it an unexpected surprise when she gets her mail. Be sure to include notes and hand drawings from Grandchildren as well. I know my refrigerator could use some new artwork right about now. Start a video chat and let everybody get a chance to tell Mom/Grandma how much she is loved and be sure to include lots of virtual hugs and air kisses.


As you ponder other ways to tell Mom you love her, here are a few suggestions you may want to consider that can put a smile on her face.

How about a drawing of your childhood home? This company will turn a photo of your home into a sketch Mom will treasure for many years. Check it out!

Many of us have learned the benefits of attending classes and other networking opportunities online during the Covid-19 pandemic. Enroll Mom in a virtual class where she will have an opportunity to learn something new or master something she already enjoys doing.

Take Mom on an adventure from the comforts of her own home. Reading is a great way to experience things while social distancing. Barnes and Noble and Amazon have a great selection and can deliver directly to Mom’s door.

On the National Wildlife Federation website, you can symbolically adopt an animal for Mom. They offer many choices including polar bear, sea turtle or jaguar so pick her favorite and make a donation to protect America’s wildlife.

Support a small business and find the perfect handmade Mother’s Day gift for your Mom. Check out this selection of ideas to find exactly what she will love.

Regardless of what you do to celebrate Mom to show her how special she is and that you are thinking of her, we would be honored to be a part of it. If your Mom appreciates a fine spirit like Señor Rio tequila or Café Elegancia, you can purchase online and some select states offer curbside pickup or delivery.

For anyone who purchases a bottle of Señor Rio Tequila for their Mom, we will mail her a card signed by me, the owner, wishing her a beautiful Mother’s Day. To personalize your gift for your Mom, please scan your receipt for the purchase of a 750ml bottle of Senor Rio tequila or Café Elegancia and email with your Mom’s full name and mailing address to

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you amazing Moms, Salud!

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